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Slant Board Exercises + FasciaBlasting: for Your Feet & Sex

By Courtney Virden

Women sitting with feet outstretched ready for slant board exercises and better sex

Your foot health can impact your pelvic floor function and sex life, so read on to find out how slant board exercises can benefit you. First, our feet guide us all day, and when they are not working correctly, we compensate throughout the rest of our body. Men and women commonly get tight plantar fascia, which leads them to search for a good stretch that feels good to relieve the pain. However, many with foot issues need to do foot exercises and FasciaBlasting their feet; stretching isn’t enough.


Foot Health and the Impact on Our Body

When our feet are not working correctly, whether the plantar fascia is tight, we have tendonitis, pronation, or many other issues, the muscles and fascia from the feet on up are not working correctly either. This means we will have fascial adhesions in other places besides our feet, and with foot problems, pelvic floor dysfunction can arise.

Poor foot health can impact our calf muscles, hands and knees, and even up to our head. I used to have horrible shin splints and chronic neck pain. These slant board exercises and a few pelvic floor exercises completely eliminated them. And when I added FasciaBlasting into the mix, my body felt even better!


Your Sex Life and Your Feet

A tight pelvic floor is not a good thing. Neither is an overstretched pelvic floor. Because our bodies are connected throughout, foot problems usually lead to misalignment within the pelvic floor. Our pelvic floor health, tone, and responsiveness give us mind-blowing orgasms and increased sensations.

“Imbalances in the feet can cause pelvic tilts, pelvic rotation, and sacroiliac joint (SI) dysfunction. They can even pull the thigh bones so close together that they compress on vaginal walls, making sex less than orgasmic bliss. Feet can turn in or turn out, be pronated or supinated, have high arches or be completely flat, or be compressed in heels or hyperactive,” says Ashley Black, the creator of the FasciaBlaster.

Also, with tight pelvic floor muscles (hypertonic pelvic floor), the rhythmic contractions of orgasms diminish, and nerves can become entrapped. Intense orgasms are harder to achieve, even with clitoral stimulation. So, how do you have a better orgasm? Take care of your feet with FasciaBlasting and slant board exercises, and do pelvic floor exercises!


Slant Board Exercises and FasciaBlasting for the Win!

The slant board is my favorite foot exercise for plantar fasciitis and other foot issues. Many who suffer search the internet for tendonitis foot exercises, lower back pain stretches, exercises for plantar fascia, functional movement exercises, or low back pain self-care in the hopes that the issues they are experiencing will disappear. Some simple foot exercises teamed with FasciaBlasting and pelvic floor exercises are what you need. Together, they can help you eliminate your pain and issues and fix the underlying problems of why they hurt in the first place.

When you can help the issue without fixing it, why not do it without a band-aid approach and resolve why it started? You will help with your foot issues and experience better sex! “The alignment of your feet directly impacts the function or dysfunction of your pelvis. In conclusion, from our feet up, we need to open and loosen fascia and muscles to keep our pelvic area free for whatever you please in the bedroom,” says Black. Finally, an added benefit is avoiding and often improving the appearance of bunions with this routine.


FasciaBlast Tool How-to and Slant Board Exercises

With the help of two realignment exercises and releasing fascia in your feet (see videos below), you’ll be on the path to a sexy night full of flirty footsie foreplay.


Foot Exercise 1: Heels Up on Slant Board (Slant Board Squats)

Move 1: First, stand tall with one foot on a slant board. Your heel will be on the top, and your foot will be pointing straight ahead. Also, ensure the middle of your heel will be lined up between the second and third toes. Then, press your toes into the slant board and do a slight knee bend as you lengthen through the top of your head.

As you lower your body a few inches and raise it, focus on your torso lifting and lowering your body. During the exercise, your tailbone is dropped toward the floor, and the abdominals are gently pulled toward the spine. Look straight ahead and do 10-20 repetitions on one foot, then switch and repeat on the other.


Foot Exercise 2: Sideways

Move 2: First, stand tall with your arch parallel and face the decline. Also, you want to ensure the middle of your heel is lined up with the second and third toe. Meanwhile, as you stand tall, you press your toes into the board, especially the big toe. This will lift your arch, and you will do small knee bends as you push your toes into the board.

Again, keep your torso tall, your tailbone dropped, and your abdominals will gently pull in towards the spine. Then, during the movement, you will be bending only a few inches and pressing your big toe so that your arch lifts and your knee tracks over the second toe. Do tiny knee bends if needed to ensure the knee isn’t collapsing inside the foot. Look straight ahead and do 10-20 repetitions on one foot and then repeat on the other.

Note: Start with the lowest incline and work your way up. The greater the angle, the more challenging the exercise. For exercise 1, you will often be able to use a higher incline than for exercise 2.


How-to FasciaBlast Your Feet

Tools needed: FaceBlaster and Mini2/FasciaBlaster Nugget

Step 1: Always FasciaBlast when your body is warmed up, and use oil so the FasciaBlaster glides smoothly. Start on your calves and use up-and-down and side-to-side strokes.

Step 2: Second, we move to the top of the feet. Use extremely light pressure. Work from each toe up to the ankle with the FasciaBlast tool.

Step 3: Next, move to your ankles and heels. You will use up-and-down and side-to-side strokes all around.

Step 4: And then, you will use your hand to massage your ankles and feet.

Step 5: Now, we move on and use the Nugget. Do pokes and wiggles, focusing on any areas where you are extra tight. Often, people need it at the ankle, calves, heels, or underside of the foot.

Step 5: Finally, repeat any areas you want to give extra attention to.


  1. Avoid circular strokes with the FasciaBlaster.
  2. Only use side-to-side and up-and-down movements.
  3. Be extra gentle on the tops of your feet.
  4. Do not FasciaBlast on bruised skin.
  5. Use enough oil so that the FasciaBlaster tools glide smoothly.

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