Full Body and Pelvic Floor Exercises with Wellness Programs

Blond woman sitting on couch with pregnant women wearing yoga clothes talking about hormone harmony

Hormone Reset

By: Courtney Virden, Dr. Meredith Bull, Dr. Kate Balestrieri & Ali Levine

Comprehensive 28-day reset to restore and balance your hormones. Includes a daily schedule, educational videos, journaling, workouts, breathwork, self-care practices, and more. Perfect for women of all ages, it addresses different life stages.

Two women, Courtney Virden and Ashley Black have pelvic floor challenges. Pelvic Floor Therapy Near me.

Pelvic Floor Challenge

By: Courtney Virden & Ashley Black

Transformative Pelvic Floor Challenge, available in both 28-day and 90-day programs. Restore your muscles and fascia with FasciaBlasting video tutorials, weekly deep dives into pelvic health, comprehensive FasciaBlasting guides, and follow-along pelvic floor workouts. Achieve optimal pelvic health and rejuvenation.

3 women in yoga clothes searching for pelvic floor therapists near me

New You Reset

By: Courtney Virden

Experience a total body and life transformation with our 28-day New You Reset. This comprehensive program features a daily workout calendar with targeted pelvic floor and full-body workouts. Each day, you’ll receive actionable tasks, detailed guides, and valuable information to kick-start or reignite your wellness journey.

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