Our Story

With over 20 years in the fitness and health industry, countless certifications and courses, the information and guidance available with iCORE Method is unparalleled. iCORE Method was born as a collaborative effort between Courtney Virden and other wellness professionals as a way to deliver the most effective core and pelvic floor programs, workouts, and a holistic health and wellness resource library and make it accessible to everyone.

After two pregnancies resulting in weight gains of 70 and 60 pounds, Courtney delivered babies close to 9 and 10 pounds. She was left with diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, low-confidence and felt as if she was trapped in someone else’s body. She then dove in headfirst to learn how to heal herself and at the same time teach and empower others to do the same as she had with all of her other restorative and therapeutic work. These programs are a result of numerous fitness and pre/postnatal certifications, countless hours learning from top health professionals, and nutrition and holistic living courses, and decades of experience.

The iCORE Method team is dedicated to educating, providing tools and resources, and supporting those that want to live a life feeling their best. We are committed to continually learning and expanding our resources and supportive communities to connect and be a part of.

blond woman in mauve crz yoga clothes sitting on a pelvic floor exercise ball and leaning forward
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