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Our Story

Courtney Virden is a public health expert and pelvic floor specialist who has worked with the Kardashians and Poosh, bringing new science and approaches to eliminate issues that stem from poor pelvic floor health, diastasis recti, and dysfunction in the body. She experienced life-altering pelvic floor issues after becoming a mom, and the methods she developed allowed her to heal herself, restore her confidence, and share this holistic knowledge with the world.

She’s dedicated her life to creating programs for clients worldwide, seeking her expertise to catalyze change in their lives. Courtney continually creates new content for the iCORE Method app and helps educate women worldwide about pelvic health and women’s wellness. 

iCORE Method was born as a collaborative effort between Courtney Virden and physician and wellness professionals to deliver the most effective core and pelvic floor programs, workouts, and a holistic health and wellness resource library and make it accessible to everyone.

Courtney Virden has over 20 years in the fitness and health industry and has taken countless certifications and courses. The information, guidance, and tools available with the iCORE Method are unparalleled and physician-backed. Whether you want to restore your pelvic floor, improve your balance or posture, fix issues in your body, or seek a proven transformative and life-changing program, iCORE Method is a proven solution.

Courtney VIrden, pelvic floor trainer, sitting on a stability ball leaning forward.
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