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5-Minute Strong, Sexy Arms Workout

By Courtney Virden

Woman with arms outreached strong from arm workout for flabby arms.

You don’t need to use a lot of weight or do countless exercises and repetitions to get strong, sexy arms (unless you want to, of course). In fact, when I work out, I go for maximum results with minimal time. Which is exactly what these three exercises will give you. The bonus is they will also work your abs, back, shoulders, and chest at the same time!

Press play (video below) to see the workout in action, and follow along with the movements below.


MOVE 1: Cannonball drop

How to: Start behind a stability ball and roll forward by walking your hands on the floor. Move forward until your knees are in the middle of the ball and your hands are under your shoulders. Then, bring your knees in toward your chest, relax, and drop your head. You will drop down onto one hip and then lift your hips up and drop to the other hip. Keeping your knees in toward your chest the whole time.

This is a challenging exercise. You can do little drops until you are strong enough to fully drop your hip onto the ball. You can also do no drops at all until you build up the strength and stability to do them.

Tip: Keep the knees close, and don’t let them get away from your chest.


MOVE 2: Plank knee to chest with pushup

How to: Start behind the ball and roll forward by walking your hands on the floor. Move until your knees are in the middle of the ball and your hands are under your shoulders. (You can go all the way until just your feet are on the ball. But keep in mind, the farther forward you go, the more advanced and unstable this becomes.)

You will then lift one leg off of the ball and bring your knee toward your shoulder. Lower your torso towards the floor in a push-up with your knee as far toward your shoulder as possible. You’ll be at the bottom of your push-up. Repeat all of your repetitions on one side and then switch or alternate legs if needed.

Note: if this exercise is too challenging with the instability of the ball, you can also do it with your feet on a stationary object. Then advance to the ball when you are ready.


MOVE 3: Backstroke

How to: Start by lying on your back (on the ball). Keep your head back and neck relaxed with your feet pointing straight ahead and knees over your toes. Hold light weights (1-2 pounds for most), and move your arms similar to a swimming backstroke. However, instead of your arm by your hips and bringing it above your head you will bring it to the opposite hip and rotate your palm up.

Then, continue with a backstroke motion and, while keeping your arms straight, bring the weight up high and towards the other shoulder where your bicep ends up near your ear. Swing your arm around. Then return your arm to the starting position. Repeat on the other side and continue switching sides.

To make it more advanced, you can alternate arms. When one arm is at your side and starts the movement, the other arm is finishing by your ear.

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