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World’s Most Dangerous Sex Positions or the Best Sex Positions?

by Courtney Virden

Have you ever had sex on a stability ball? If you haven’t, you might be thinking yoga ball sex positions sound terrifying, or you might be thinking it sounds like good crazy sex! Sex on an exercise ball is not the world’s most dangerous sex position, but it can be fun, new, and exciting if you are comfortable trying it.

Not only does it provide fun sex positions, but your pelvic floor muscles can get an extra great workout. Some of you might think you can hardly sit on a ball, and if that’s you, you need our restore pelvic floor programs. The yoga ball is the best way to strengthen your core and improve stability. If you are up for trying sexual positions on a ball now, keep reading for which positions are great.

The following is a step-by-step guide to fun crazy sex positions on the ball—no need for a sex position video. Remember, they aren’t the world’s most dangerous sex position, even if it sounds like it to you. It can provide couples with a fun new way to explore one another. So for those ready to try it, here are some moves for you to enjoy the new sensations and fun the stability ball can bring into the bedroom.


Exercise Ball Sex Positions

The ball size you will need will depend upon your partner’s height. Keep the ball in a corner or against a wall for added stability.


Position 1: Lounging

First, lie on the ball on your back, letting your head relax. Then, your partner will move in front of you, squatting down on their knees. While you are “lounging” on the ball, your partner rolls the ball back and forward. They can hold your legs or rest them on their shoulders as they do this. You can keep your feet on the ground if you want more stability. This position is like a modified missionary position.


Position 2: Ball Bounce

First, your partner will sit on top of the stability ball. Then, you will get on your partner, straddling and facing them. Next, your partner will begin to bounce up and down on the ball while you hold onto them. This can also be done facing away from your partner (reverse cowgirl). In that position, you can have your legs apart or together. Finally, if your feet touch the ground, you can tell your partner you would like to initiate the bouncing and have them relax and enjoy. This is an intimate position and easy for eye contact.


Position 3: Partner on Ball

First, have your partner lie back on the ball, resting their back and neck on the ball. If the ball isn’t large enough, their head will need to stay lifted. Then you will get on top, facing your partner, and do bounces or small pelvic tilts/circles. When you regularly do our pelvic floor programs, this position and movement are straightforward and enjoyable. For most women, this position, whether on the ball or in the bed, is the easiest way to have internal orgasms (G-spot stimulation) without clitoral stimulation. This position also allows for deep penetration.


Position 4: Partner on Ball 2.0

For this one, your partner is in the same position as your Partner on Ball. Now you will get on, but this time face away from them (reverse cowgirl). Place your feet close together between their legs and do the bounces and pelvic tilts/circles.


Position 5: Doggy Style

Start by lying over the ball on your stomach and relax. If needed, you can place your hands on the ground. Then, your partner will move behind you, crouching down or on their knees, and roll you forward and back. Your legs can be resting wrapped around the ball, placed on your partner’s shoulders, or they can hold them. This position is excellent for rear entry if you want that.

Have fun and explore these sex positions if you feel comfortable and have a willing partner!


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