Can Vibrators Ruin Sex?

by Courtney Virden

Do vibrators ruin sex and lessen sexual sensitivity?About 82% of women in the United States own at least one sex toy. If you think it is all single women, you would be mistaken. About half of all married women use sex toys. Women use vibrators solo, or with a sexual partner, and many swear by them. Over half of all married women use them, some of their partners know, and some don’t. An important thing that some women don’t know, and some are currently experiencing, is that vibrators can lead to a loss of sensitivity for some women. For those women as they continue to lose sensitivity eventually vibrators ruin sexual enjoyment. For many female vibrator users, reaching orgasm during a sexual experience is easier using one than orgasms during sex.


Types of Popular Vibrator Sex Toys

There are many types of vibrators to choose from, and women prefer different ones depending on their bodies and what feels good to them. Vibrators are made for external stimulation (clitoral), internal (G-spot), and dual stimulation. Some types of vibrators are hands-free. The bullet vibrator is one of the most popular vibrators, often made of stainless steel, sometimes with a silicone head.

Some have different vibration patterns and intensity levels. They range from small intense vibrations to the intense settings of a powerful vibrator. For so many, using vibrators is like a fun factory. Whether they are for partner play, solo sexual activities, acting out sexual fantasies, or just wanting and hoping for a vibrator eye-rolling orgasm.

With so much potential stimulation, a common concern around vibrators is whether they can desensitize you over time. Sexual satisfaction is important in relationships, and not having it impacts a relationship so if you are having issues from a vibrator it is important to take care of. Because for some who lose sensitivity sex drive decreases. Read on to help determine how a vibrator might affect you and, if so, what you can do about it. Trust me, and you will want to know whether you are experiencing this now or someday.


Why Women Use Vibrators

Women use vibrators for so many different reasons. Those reasons can vary throughout her life. Some women have never experienced an orgasm and hope for vibrator orgasms solo. Others have a sexual partner and want to incorporate them into their sex life for fun partner play. While still others might be uncomfortable communicating their needs with their partner. The needs might be wanting to incorporate vibrators into partner sex or using it solo. Talking about their sex life doesn’t feel right or comfortable, so they try a vibrator solo.

Sometimes women tell their partner that they want to use a vibrator. Some women use them with their partners already, whether occasionally or regularly. Yet other women use vibrators without their partner’s knowledge. Whatever the reason, many women turn to vibrators for sexual satisfaction. Many women have never had an orgasm, and some have trouble orgasming with a partner and can only do so alone. Internal orgasms happen for even fewer women, especially without some clitoral stimulation.


Do Vibrators Decrease Sensitivity?

Orgasms from a vibrator are different from other methods-although many women can orgasm from a vibrator within minutes, it usually takes longer with a partner. Many wonder does using a vibrator affect sensitivity. Women may notice that with time and repeated use, they are not orgasming as easily with their vibrators and want to upgrade to something more powerful. They are losing sensitivity when this happens. Another issue is that their body gets so used to orgasming from such strong power and intensity, it can become more difficult and sometimes impossible to orgasm from their partner’s touch or oral sex when they once could. Some refer to this as dead vagina syndrome, and who wants that?


How to Fix Loss of Sensitivity

Luckily no studies have shown this issue to be permanent, and there is no nerve damage, which is great for all women! So if this is starting to happen to you, or you don’t want it to, take a vibrator vacation. It doesn’t mean you have to part ways with it permanently but take a few weeks away from it and see if sensitivity has returned. If not, you might need a little or a lot more time away from your vibrator. Now is a good time to try different things solo or with your partner and see if you can achieve an orgasm without the vibrator. If you find you can’t, there is nothing wrong with relying on it to orgasm.

Sex without climaxing feels amazing, too, so try to remain present and notice how incredible it feels, whether you orgasm or not. Whether you use vibrators now, want to, or don’t have the desire to, do what feels right for you.

Female sexuality is an intricate thing. Sexual desires and sexual function women experience change throughout their life based on many physical and emotional experiences. As a pelvic floor specialist, many women and men speak with me about sex, and far too many have shame, fear, or insecurity surrounding it. For many experiencing sexual issues and insecurities, seeking advice from a qualified sex therapist can help.

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