Do Vagina Tightening Exercises Lead to Better Sex?

by Courtney Virden

How to do Vagina Tightening Exercises for Your Pelvic Floor

Exercising your vagina and strengthen your pelvic floor for better sex. Is that really a thing? Yes, and if you are not doing it … now is the time to start. See why these magical exercises are actually not vaginal tightening exercises like so many believe.


What is a Tight Vagina?

The feeling of “tightness” of your vaginal muscles during intercourse is primarily due to the muscles surrounding your vagina. These muscles make up your pelvic floor. And if those muscles are strong and responsive, it can lead to stronger and more frequent orgasms (internal ones too). This can improve sensations for both you and your partner. An appropriately toned pelvic floor will have optimal contracting and relaxing during your orgasms. While you DO want a strong pelvic floor, you DO NOT want a tight one.

Many believe pelvic floor exercises are vagina tightening exercises. But to “tighten the vagina” you actually are using your pelvic floor muscles making them stronger and flexible. At the same time also strengthening your deep core muscles. The best exercises for most women to strengthen these important muscles contain both eccentric and concentric contractions. This leads to a vagina that isn’t just strong but also flexible and responsive.


Symptoms and Issues From a Tight Pelvic Floor

Having a tight pelvic floor (hypertonic) can lead to a myriad of issues and dysfunction. Common issues include painful intercourse, lower back pain, pelvic and tailbone pain, trouble orgasming. Even urinary incontinence (peeing when you sneeze or jump), constipation, and other bladder and bowel issues can arise. It is a hard concept for some women to grasp because most of us believe we should be “tight.” What about Kegel exercises? I don’t recommend them for many reasons. To know why you will want to take a dive into whether or not you should be doing them and what they are here.



While many women search for physical therapists near me and see them, many women can actually train their pelvic floor from home! Physical therapists can be key for some women, especially those needing internal work, but many can help themselves. So how do you get a stronger pelvic floor, yet one that isn’t too tight from home? Using an effective pelvic floor program online designed to optimize its function and strength. A women’s pelvic floor is truly amazing and the key to feeling strong and confident throughout their body.

So many women I work with and connect with have shame or embarrassment surrounding their vagina and feminine energy. And as women when we start to connect and focus and our pelvic floor it brings an inner confidence and power unlike anything else. So through doing a pelvic floor program not only will a women start experiencing better sex and higher quality orgasms, but an inner confidence that is untouchable.


The Vagina Exercises

Below are five exercises, just a portion of my pelvic floor online programs. These will help you to strengthen, realign, and improve the elasticity and responsiveness of those muscles. Do them three to four times weekly to support better sex. Promise. This pelvic floor workout plan not only will help restore proper function but all of the exercises are also core exercises. So you don’t need to do separate abdominal exercises for your abdominal muscles to be strong. And to get those vaginal muscles more responsive and stronger you will want to be doing my Restore or Full-Access programs. A MUST for all women!

You do night need to tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor from the starting position or throughout any of the movement during the exercises. Focus on the lengthening and rebounding, concentric and eccentric contractions. Because the muscles will contract and stretch as needed as you move. So stay relaxed and focus on deep breathing throughout the exercises. You will restore your pelvic floor for more confidence and better sex with consistency and time!

Routine (stability ball needed for all exercises)

Five exercises to try from online pelvic floor and core workouts:

  • Ball Bounce
  • Pelvic Tilts, Side to Side
  • Pelvic Tilts, Front to Back
  • Hip Circles
  • Bridge, Knee to Shoulder

Watch each move below for guided instructions:


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