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Workouts and Exercises

Workouts, Followed by Guided Individual Exercises

The equipment I use can be ordered through my online shop.

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15 Minute Shoulders/Posture

Help restore shoulder health and improve your torso lift and posture.

11 Minute Bosu Reset

A quick challenging Bosu workout to help reset your body from the feet up.

12 Minute Core Workout

Having a strong core is essential for good posture and efficient movement. Here is a quick workout to help you maximize your time working out.

Rotational Strength & Stability

Improve your ability to twist and rotate which is important to have when we move throughout the day.

Helps Fix Rounded Shoulders and Posture

Helps restore spinal and shoulder alignment and mobility.

Full Body with Focus on Abs

Feel open and strong throughout your body.

11 Minute Workout

Relax and reset with this quick workout.

12 min – Full Body Workout

Quick 12-minute full body workout.

Bosu 12 Minute Workout

Cardio and full-body workout in one.

33 min – Full Body Workout

Full body workout in 33 minutes.

12 min – Full Body Workout

A quick 12-minute full body workout.

9 min – Pelvic Floor

For those days you have just 10 minutes.

5 min – 3 Pelvic Floor Exercises

3 core and pelvic floor exercises in just 5 minutes.

5 min Abs

Quick 5 minute workout for your abs.

17 min – Ab focused workout

Full body workout with extra emphasis on your core.

5 min – 3 Pelvic Floor Exercises

3 core and pelvic floor exercises in just 5 minutes.

Guided Individual Exercises

Foot on Slant Board

Improves foot strength and stability. Helps with foot pain.

Ankle/Foot on BOSU

Improves balance and ankle instability.

One Knee Cannonball

Challenging strength and stability for your abs.

Knee to Shoulder

Targets pelvic floor and low abs.


Relax and reset your hips, lower back, and more.

Mini Circles

Targets pelvic floor and low abs.

Inverted Cannonball

Improves spinal rotation, strengthens abs and upper body, and improves shoulder stability.

Cannonball – Modified

If you aren’t ready for the inverted cannonball yet this is a great alternative.

Overhead Ball Throw

Strengthens and elongates your torso. It improves and strengthens core stability.


Strengthen your core, back, and shoulders. Open up your hips and elongate your spine.

Overhead Ball Drop

Strengthens intercostals (muscles between the ribs) and back. Opens up shoulders and chest.

Hand & Wrist

For those with wrist problems or anyone who does repetitive motion with hands/wrists.

Pelvic Circles

Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Pelvic Tils – Front/Back

Avoid these common mistakes.

Pelvic Tilts/Circles Modifications

My favorite variations.

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